Poly Talk: Talking Points

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While reading polyamory posts on reddit and giving out advice, because that’s a fun way to pass time at 2am, I made a small discovery. Someone was asking for talking points for partners to discuss who are new to polyamory. Having spent a lot of time recently discussing relationships with my wife I wanted to provide some helpful insights. So like you do with any quick throwaway reddit comment that will soon be forgotten I spent an hour or so thinking about it to ensure it was perfectly formulated. Continue reading

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Poly Talk: Considerations


Now that I’m on meds, and feeling and functioning much better, I think I’ll try to do a new blog post weekly. Probably on Thursdays because I have an odd work schedule and Thursdays and Fridays are my weekend.

My wife and I have been discussing our relationship and being poly lately and I wanted to share some of that. We both identify as relationship anarchists because we don’t care much for rules and we like to be able to have all of our relationships evolve into whatever they want to be naturally. For me that’s a real big part of being poly, not just having multiple loves but being able to have any other relationship be what it is without trying to force it into a certain shape. Continue reading

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Sharing My Story

pillsI want to share the story of my depression with you. I’ve had depression my whole life but I want to share my story now because I just started taking medication for my depression and it has changed my life. I want to share my story to give others hope and the courage they need to go talk about their condition. I just saw the #medicatedandmighty hashtag and I would also like to take part in getting rid of the stigma associated with taking meds. Continue reading

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Response on Minimum Wage

DiscussionI wanted to post my comment on a well written piece by Professor Polyamory, A Living Wage: A moral issue.  The post is a plea to put people first and raise the minimum wage.  I wanted to address the problem of minimum wage as a solution that I hear the media comment on so often, but they never seem to offer any alternatives.  Here is my comment:

Continue reading

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Infinite Love

Infinite Love

Jewelry by timjo

I grew up associating love as a weak and feminine trait, just as U.S. culture portrays it.  Like most boys I learned to suppress my emotions, or at least the “feminine” ones.  Some emotions such as anger are allowed.  Every fight between boys or men is an uncontrolled emotional outburst, but it will never be labeled as such.  It is only recently as I’ve grown emotionally, in no small part thanks to my amazing wife, that I have rediscovered love. Continue reading

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A New Year

readyI’m writing because I need to write.  As opposed to actually having something to say, which is why I normally write.  I think that’s the reason I end up not writing as much as I would like.  I just feel like I don’t have anything productive to add that hasn’t been articulated somewhere else already.  But, one thing I love about blogs is the personal connections that you feel when reading all of the stories.  So, maybe this will help give my blog a feeling of life as well. Continue reading

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ImageI’ve had writers block recently. I took notes on the President’s speech, “The Future of our Fight Against Terrorism” but I couldn’t seem to find what to say that seemed satisfying. If someone wants to know Obama’s treacherous civil rights record they can head over to the ACLU or read Glenn Greenwald. I found plenty of doublespeak, but that can be found in political discourse everyday from anyone. I want to contribute something more, but I don’t know what.

Then, when browsing for something intelligent written on anarchy I found Veresapiens and his new blog A Truly Human Society. Continue reading

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