A New Year

readyI’m writing because I need to write.  As opposed to actually having something to say, which is why I normally write.  I think that’s the reason I end up not writing as much as I would like.  I just feel like I don’t have anything productive to add that hasn’t been articulated somewhere else already.  But, one thing I love about blogs is the personal connections that you feel when reading all of the stories.  So, maybe this will help give my blog a feeling of life as well.

It’s a new year and I’m simultaneously overwhelmed by and overjoyed with possibility.  I definitely need some time to recover after so much time spent with extended family.  My new year’s resolution is simply to get shit done.

I picked up a book, Mindfulness, that teaches mindfulness meditation as it was studied in treating depression.  It feels like it has been a long time since I’ve felt depression’s grip, but I would like to be pro-active and take greater control of my life and emotions.  Which is much easier to do when you’re not already depressed.  I got the book at the end of last year but I haven’t gotten very far with it.  I’d like to not just finish the book, but fully incorporate mindfulness into my life this year.

My son starts kindergarten this year, after the summer, which means I’ll save a small fortune on childcare.  This will enable me to finish fixing up my old house and eventually sell.  While I probably wont finish the work on my house this year, much less sell it, I do hope to start making some solid, encouraging progress on it.

My wife got a job with better hours during the holidays.  This is amazing since it means more help with my son after work and that means more free time with the family together.

The prospect of selling my house soon brings with it the thrilling and terrifying adventure of moving to Europe soon.  It’s an adventure I’m not ready for and one that I know I never will be ready for.  But, I have no intention of waiting or letting that stall me.  I’ve leapt into the darkness before and I’m eager and anxious to do so again.

On a positive note about something that doesn’t need “getting done” at work I’ve moved from residential water treatment to commercial and I absolutely love it.  Residential work had become nothing but routine for me.  Working with the larger, more complex commercial systems provides me with a needed challenge and stimulation at work again.  That’s fourty-five hours a week that are going to be that much more engaging and enjoyable this year.

I intend to write more as well.  I enjoy writing, it feels as though it helps me in many ways, and this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve since I had a total of three posts last year.  Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, I’d love to hear from you and it will help keep me writing as well.

Until next time.

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