An Atheist’s Morality

compassAfter becoming an atheist at the age of 16 I found myself in a moral abyss that took years for me to navigate my way out of.  As a Christian the scriptures had been my primary means of determining morality.  They were the only moral guidance I was ever explicitly given and consisted solely of “God’s word is good” and its variations.  But, I first began critically examining Christianity because of its immorality.  The implicit moral guidance I had received from American society was just as damaging as the religious beliefs I was taught and left me just as lost.  With minimal education in critical thinking I soon found myself a moral relativist.  My time in the military only hindered any progress I would have made and contributed to me spending years as a moral relativist with no guiding ethical principles.  It took years of formally studying philosophy in college to read Immanuel Kant’s moral philosophy and finally find some secular moral guidance in his brilliant categorical imperative. Continue reading

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Why I Am In An Open Relationship

open source love“Why would you want to be in an open relationship?!”  Is along the lines of what I hear when bringing up open relationships as a serious topic.  While both sexes joke and fantasize about having another partner; once the topic is seriously considered they tend to clamp up in fear.  To me this was a mystery because once I entertained the thought it had always intrigued me.  I found that the reason the large majority become fear-stricken is simply jealousy.  I have established a strong understanding and developed a thorough philosophy since I first entertained these thoughts and I can now say that I will never be in a relationship that is not “open”. Continue reading

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